How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram?

Is it Possible to Get 10k Followers on Instagram?

The world today revolves around social media. Whether you want to communicate, market yourself, promote your brand or simply have an interaction with the world, social media is the way to go about it. Recent times have seen a major transformation in social media operations.

Now more than ever, your followers base dictates a great deal of how you act, behave and even how you are perceived. I bet you know of an example or two of people, not celebrities or socialites, but of people who have attained and even surpassed an Instagram followers base of 10k and you are probably thinking to yourself, “How do I get there”? What are they going I am not? Where to buy fake Instagram followers?

10k Followers on Instagram

Where to buy Instagram followers instant delivery? If you are fascinated by this hallmark and want to discover the way to do it, you need to carefully devise a way. No one ever goes “viral” instantly! Unless you are a celebrity or are just insanely famous; but if you’re, there are strategic ways to learn how to get followers on Instagram instantly and some of the most effective ones are as follows:


No one needs to coach you through this, but it is straight-out obvious that it is almost impossible for you to go “global” with followers if you are randomly posting content periodically over a long period of time. With the use of hashtags, get access to a whole lot of individuals by posting constantly preferably on a daily basis.


While it is impossible to have picture perfect captures every time you take a picture or a “selfie”, ensure that what you ultimately post for the world to see is content that captivates and wows your audience and believe or not, engagement and follows will come your way.

Invest in your photos, take pictures that have meaning, take photos that capture the imagination and attention of not just you but others if you want to have a massive following.


Follow this cardinal rule with your posts and experience the instant magic! It is never about YOU and your preferences; it is all about your AUDIENCE. You could be a professional photographer talking “professionally” amazing photos but that is not to say that your followers are up for it.

Experiment with different themes, filters, and styles. Why? The element of surprise. This gives a different twist to your look and your posts which signify an adventurous side that catches your audience off guard. Observe the reaction of your followers to your posts and it will tell you if you are doing it right or not. In the end, it’s is always about your audience!


By now, the importance of hashtags on most social media platforms is nearly common knowledge to every social media user. Rather than just using hashtags on every photo or caption without particular relevance, take the time to devise a complete captivating hashtag for your posts. Why? Your audience will relate to you.

Moreover, exploit trending hashtags. Constantly keeping tabs with current on goings around the world will give you an upper hand in your posts. Observe what is in everybody’s mouth, then come up with a way to utilize it in your posts in a funny, appealing way and that will direct people to your Instagram account.


Finally, be consistent. It is easy to follow every listed step religiously but without this aspect, do not be surprised to still be in the same position you are working hard to come up from. Put a lot of effort to realizing your goal, be patient and ultimately be consistent; on your posts and on your captions.

Rome was not built in a day is a commonly used phrase very where in the world. But with a little depth, it is easy to see why it is used. With these tips, some effort and incessant consistent posting 10k Instagram followers is not far from your reach.